Friday, January 13, 2012

pardon my dust

Hi all,

Still alive. Still having difficulty finding the time for blog posts, but here's the way I figure it: infrequently updated blogs are obnoxious. Infrequently updated blogs authored by people that constantly promise more frequent updates but never carry through on that are even more obnoxious. Right? So I'm just gonna shut my mouth about the subject and post when I can.

On that note:
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Red Blooded Male

Cell Phone Etiquette
This one goes out to the dickhead talking loudly on his cellphone at the coffee shop for what I'm told was over 2 hours last week. I try not to draw any conclusions about the character of strangers, but dude, if you ever read this, I'm fairly certain you are a total dickhead. I don't know your name, but I and everybody else present heard every word of your side of an arrogant and totally mundane conversation you could've taken outside. You weren't talking about etiquette; that was a joke at your expense. You seemed a little unnerved near the end when you started to notice that whenever you glanced my way, I was impassively staring at you in a creepy fashion. This was because I was impassively staring at you in the hopes of creeping you out. My frustration with your lack of social protocol will be much less subtle next time.

Thanks for reading, everybody.


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  1. I always want to go up to those people, sit right next to them until they get annoyed. When they ask what I am doing, I would tell them that since I can only pay attention to one thing at a time, and they insist on distracting me with their conversation, I've given up on what I was doing and was ready to devote all my attention to them. Of course, that has never happened.

    Or you could have said to him, "I'm a red blooded male out for orgasms and justice" and see what he had to say about that.