Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what it is

So hello!

I've been promising an art blog to friends, family, Etsy members, and God knows who else for a long time. Some of you have have been waiting since Myspace was culturally relevant. Thank you so much for your patience.

That said, this isn't the blog/website I've been promising. That one is still being worked on. is a placeholder for the real site; somewhere for me to post art, comics, writing, and whatever else until a more complete online home is up and running.

This blog will be mostly free of the Etsy shop/button stuff. If you're looking for the latest news and button designs, you can find that on the facebook page or at If Etsy is the polished retail storefront, this site (as well as the future location) is meant to be the alley behind the shop where employees go to smoke, sneak away from management, make out, and basically think about everything EXCEPT working retail. That's a crap metaphor and it's broken in a bunch of ways, sorry, maybe I'll edit that later, but it'll have to do for the moment. This is meant to be a much more personal outlet: pages out of my sketchbook, comic strips, writing, stories of my insane cat doing insane things, etc. Raw and hopefully unfiltered enough to be interesting/entertaining but not so raw and unfiltered as to frighten away the people I've grown accustomed to having around.

I'm excited! I'm a little nervous because I've never addressed such a mixed and potentially large crowd with something so personal before. Etsy customers see one version of me, close friends that I share everything with and who've read my sketchbooks cover-to-cover know another version, my family knows what a weirdo kid I was before I became a successful weirdo adult, and I feel like I'm talking to all of you at once. My parents are here somewhere. My Mom's here. Hi, Mom! [to everybody that isn't my mother: she already knows I say things like "fuck" and do fun things like have sex, so self-censorship isn't a big concern with this whole deal]

Anyway, those are the broad strokes of what I wanna do. I'm relieved that I can cut loose in a space larger than 1.25" in diameter, and hopefully it's worth your time. If things look and act kinda janky, that's probably because I'm a clumsy virgin with the whole blog/html/website deal. Hence the name! I'm expecting embarrassing little bits of failure to crop up, like, routinely. So here's a pre-emptive Sorry.

Thanks for your time and check back often! There's a lot more coming soon.


Vincent Forrest
aka beanforest

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  1. Bua haha, I love it already :). Looking forward to everything else!