Saturday, October 1, 2011

to begin,

I keep a daily sketchbook/journal. The little thing is my constant, faithful companion, and it absorbs all the messy bits of mental stuff that come dripping, sneezing out of my brain and onto the page. If you yourself are creative, I highly recommend maintaining a daily sketchbook or journal. It's a ton of fun and it provides others with the chance to judge you when you just as easily could've kept your thoughts to yourself with nobody being the wiser.

I will now share some of my brain sneezes with you. These are gonna be all over the place chronologically, but dates (if known) will be stamped in the bottom-left corner.

On the plane to San Francisco. I don't have the steadiest hand to begin with, but if this seems super unsteady, it might be because the plane was taxiing long enough that I pulled out my sketchbook and fired this page off to relieve the boredom. Bonus for the day: the first time I probably ever spelled "San Francisco" correctly in my entire life:

I'm not sure how Blogger handles larger files, so if you click on the pic below and it expands but not big enough that you can see it well, right-click and select "View Image".
I usually avoid sarcasm, but in case anybody wants to try and pull this drawing out of context, I wanna be clear that Emperor Union is satire. Half of this nation seems to believe that there's a scary socialist boogieman out there that will obliterate the universe if the American workforce is able to fight for the rights won by our great grandparents. Which is silly.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm trying to iron out the kinks of this blogspot thing, so if you have any suggestions or recommendations on what I can do to make it run smoother, I'd love to hear all about it!



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