Saturday, November 26, 2011

i'm hoping to come to a decision soon

If it's hard to read, here's a transcription of my bad handwriting:
"How much of your life was decided on a whim?"
Hmm. It's hard to say for sure. There's the obvious stuff- our friendship, for instance, but then there's the grey area where the whim was attached so early that it was just assumed the motivation was considered. Did I really want to go to school for what I did? or did it sound like a good idea once and I simply decided that was it?
How about you?
"Barely anything was decided on a whim."
That sounds difficult.
"It's excruciating. Have you ever been grocery shopping and you found yourself debating the pros and cons of two similar products? Like, for a while?"
No, not really. I just throw one in my cart like BAM!
"Okay, well- if you can imagine that situation, apply that feeling of frustration to your whole life."
"I've been thinking about becoming an alcoholic. I'm hoping to come to a decision soon."


  1. Found you via Alison Tyler and fell in love with your etsy shop. You're totally OMG awesome. Just sayin'.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words!