Sunday, November 20, 2011

a place of amused detachment

Holy cuh-RAP, I can't believe how fast November is flying by. Holiday shopping struck the Etsy shop hard and early this year, so it feels like it was late October and then I sat down to stamp some buttons, and then I just looked up for the first time to notice that 20 days have gone by.

Anyway, I hate that I feel like I'm neglecting this blog. I'm sorry, blog. I didn't forget you. Are you okay? Here is a cat treat. Do you forgive me? (now be prepared, blog, for another 1.5 months of possible neglect.)

On top of the time woes, my scanner is kind of not good. It's the kind of machine that regularly inspires me to move it outside violently through a window, but that's between me and my scanner. And maybe the window. Here are the few pages I could pull into my computer before Mr. Hewlett had a seizure and failed to wake back up:

What time is the panic scheduled to start?

The Jay-Z quote is totally unrelated to the Catholic schoolgirl. Drawing it brought back memories from elementary school (I escaped the faith before high school), and I can spot 3 infractions at a glance: the smoking (obviously), her skirt is too short, and the shirt is partially untucked. Did I miss anything?

This page didn't have a point except that I wanted to draw a creepy dog. Click to see bigger.

My fingers are crossed that it's not December before I'm able to post again.

Thanks for reading!


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