Friday, November 4, 2011

three cheers for censorship

Hip-hip-HOORAY! Hip-hip-HOORAY! Hip-hip-HOORAY!!!

I know simply to never be scared ever again.

I used to draw lots of naked people in my sketchbooks.
Couple different reasons for this:
- naked people are super fun to draw.
- I was taking figure drawing classes, so it was inevitable that nudity would work its way into my non-class artwork.
- naked people are kind of timeless. Clothes give us a point of reference for fashion and history. As I've always combined writing and drawing, I liked the idea that my figures could break out of the feeling that "this was drawn sometime between 1995 and 2010" and to do that, I had to remove their clothing. But I took this idea a little further and decided that hairstyles date the human figure too. So for a while, you'd open up my sketchbook to any given page and there was a 70% chance that there was either a naked bald man or a naked long-haired woman saying something weird. Looking back now, this might've come across as extremely anti-social behavior.

Why did I share that? Oh, right, nudity. I'm enrolled in a figure drawing class this semester, so the waves of naked people have returned. Weee!! You probably couldn't tell from my sketchbook that I'm capable of drawing proportionally, but I'm not getting a grade in the class or my sketchbook, so balls to things like anatomy and accurate depiction.

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