Saturday, October 22, 2011

the ache is a companion animal

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Text reads:
It hurts a lot when the horns come in, but after a while... okay, they're always going to hurt a little, but you get used to it. the ache is a companion animal that you pet and feed. inconvenient but it eases the loneliness.

Couple notes: the whole "we're-growing-horns" thing is meant more as a myth/fantasy vibe, not a Christian devil/evil vibe. Also, I owe the female horned person an apology. She looked okay, but then I over-worked her eyebrow and mouth and now she looks like a smudgy Neanderthal version of her former self. The lesson I learned in all of this was, "If you're going to work with permanent art mediums and no draft lines, don't fuck up."

A couple people have asked me what I used to get the grayscale effect in drawings like the ones above. I use these Pigma 2mm chisel tip graphic pens. They spit out a ton of ink, so I draw on paper with low absorption and then push the ink around with my fingers. It's a lot of messy fun, but since it's ink, it's permanent and easy to accidentally give people Neanderthal faces if you're not careful.


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