Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the romantic: it's my fate to bleed

Click to enlarge. I only just noticed that when Blogger pulls it up in one of those black pop-up zoom things, you can click on the picture link in the bottom-left corner to go straight to the full-size version.

This is the Romantic, a character that's made tons of appearances in my sketchbook lately. I just participated in my first non-student art gallery show this past Saturday, and the four pieces I submitted all feature this guy. I'll post all four over the next few days. The deal is that the guy is constantly euphoric and in love with life/people/etc, but he's also always bleeding profusely. Apparently some people don't quite understand what that's all about. Dunno, maybe it says something about my own personal experiences with love and happiness, but I thought the whole "romance-meets-horrific wounds" was completely self-explanatory.

More coming soon!


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