Saturday, October 1, 2011

press start to continue with a new philosophy in cold blood

The round character used as my Etsy profile pic and seen in the banner above is from a comic strip I've been doing since something like 2003 called Nuggets. They're supposed to be little chicks, but more important than what they are is the fact that they're super easy to draw. I absolutely love making comic strips + I don't have the patience to repeatedly draw something elaborate = Nuggets.

They started as a joke on a homemade greeting card, then they turned into something I drew at work to amuse myself and co-workers, and then they kind of spread into every other creative outlet I could get my impatient fingers on. I'm sure there are Nuggets cussing at each other on graded tests I've submitted to professors. I don't remember being penalized for that, but I could be wrong. Anyway.

Because I've been making them for so long, there's a large collection of strips. I posted a handful on a Myspace page way back when, and I want to flush those out before getting to newer stuff, but check back often! There are a ton more to come.

The New Philosophy

In Cold Blood

Press Start to Continue (EDIT- looks like Blogger resized the original because the image file was too long, so I'm breaking it up into 2 pages. If anybody is savvy with Blogger and can teach me how to tell it to leave my image files the hell alone, I'd be grateful. Thanks!)

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